SYRUP CRAFTSMANSHIP: The Roots of Beaver Valley Maple

“What do I need to know that for?”, was one of Rich Fletcher’s first introductions to his now business partner Mark Brown. Sitting in one of Fletcher’s mathematics classes at the local secondary school, this energetic, overly expressive, no-nonsense 14-year-old, continued to force Fletcher to reflect on his teaching practices by asking questions regarding the value of the content he was delivering to his students. From those early days, Mark Brown and Rich Fletcher forged a friendship by challenging themselves racing mountain bikes and participating in long distance nordic ski marathons. Mark Brown went on to put his unique educational beliefs into practice by teaching at private schools in Toronto and Bermuda before making his dream come true; starting up his own his own non-profit independent school that engages students in a unique, experiential experience.

FROM SAP TO SATISFACTION: Nurturing the Beaver Valley Maple Legacy

Fletcher continued teaching at local secondary schools, sharing his passion of the outdoors with his students while making maple syrup as a hobby during the spring with family and friends. Ideas and dreams were always great topics of discussion whenever Fletcher and Brown got together and when Fletcher’s retirement from teaching was close, the discussion of starting a commercial maple syrup operation became serious. Both Fletcher and Brown loved to be outside in the beauty of the Beaver Valley, both “dreamed big” and both strived for excellence in whatever they did. They soon realized they would need a partner who understood the local landscape better than them and who also understood the importance of preserving large parcels of property for the future. Robert Porteous was added to the partnership with Fletcher and Brown and formed Beaver Valley Maple in 2017. Their goal: crafting the finest quality organic 100% pure maple syrup from the beautiful Beaver Valley!