Beaver Valley Maple is a certified organic maple syrup producer with a modern facility for processing sap from 5 properties with a total of 15,000 taps. The unique topography of the Niagara escarpment in which the properties exist, gives the syrup a richness and flavour that is not only unique but excellent in taste.

  • Exclusively Natural Production

    Beaver Valley Maple Syrup holds a steadfast commitment to a chemical-free production process. While some producers may opt for more efficient and convenient methods involving chemicals for equipment cleaning and drill bit sanitization during tapping, our operations strictly adhere to rigorous industry standards and guidelines.

  • Product Traceability Assurance

    At Beaver Valley Maple Syrup, we guarantee the complete traceability of our entire product range, with every item seamlessly linked back to its origin at Beaver Valley Maple Farm.

  • Sustainability Initiatives in Production

    We uphold a strict policy of preserving competing trees, ensuring the forest's health. Our tapping practices adhere to stringent guidelines, limiting the number of taps per tree. A significant 95% of our forest management activities are conducted on foot, minimizing our ecological footprint.